Michela Frasca, DDS


Graduated with honors in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis, 2003.

Seminar in “Bioprogressive Orthodontics: Theory and Practice, Sergio Sambataro, DMD., Catania, 2009.

DMD specialized in child and adult orthodontics, Pitino Dental Centre, since 2009.

Specialization Course in Lingual Orthodontics, G. Scuzzo, DMD, Rome, 2011.

Specialization Course in Myofunctional and Interceptive Therapy, D. Rollet, DMD., Catania, 2012.

Specialization Course in Gnathology, sec. Ricketts, Sergio Sambataro, DMD., 2014.

Annual Course in Lingual Orthodontics, Mariano Gallone, DMD. Certified to use Dirk Wiechmann, DMD’s WIN DW Lingual System.

Currently in charge of Adult Interceptive and Myofunctional Orthodontics, as well as traditional, aesthetic and lingual orthodontics.

Specialization Course in Sato Technique, E. Garcia, DMD., 2016.