Giuseppe Vernuccio, MD


Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, University of Palermo, 1976.

Specialization in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, University of Catania, 1979.

Specialization with honors in Medical Parasitology, University of Messina, 1987.

Professor, Professional School for Nurses, Modica Major Hospital, USL 24, Modica, 1980-1986.

Reserve Medical Corps Officer (Physician), Spaccamela Barracks, Udine, 1977-1978.

Medical Guard Service, Military Hospital, Udine, 1977-1978.

Freelance Professional Anesthesiologist, Civil Hospital of Palmanova, Udine, 1977-1978.

Anesthesia Assistant, Regina Margherita Hospital, Comiso, 1979-1980.

Anesthesiologist, Modica Major Hospital, Modica, 1980-1994.

Facilitator of the module “Anesthesia and the Terminally Ill”, Modica Major Hospital, USL 24, Modica, 1994-2004.

Director of the Single Operating Unit of Anesthesia, Modica Major Hospital, AUSL 7 Ragusa, 2004-2010.

Freelance Professional Anesthesiologist-Resuscitator, Mediterranean Private Clinic, Ragusa, 2011.  

Anesthesiologist-Resuscitator, Pitino Dental Centre and Logistica Medica, Modica, 2013.