Marco Pitino, DDS

Trainee in Orthodontics

Graduated with honors in Dentistry, University of Catania, 2013.

Order of Doctors and Dentists Registration Number 237.

Specialization Course in Fixed prosthesis, Ezio Bruna, DMD., Catania, 2013

Specialization Course in Clinical Gnathology, Mario Molina, DMD., Catania, 2013/2014.

Specialization Course in Gnathology: Diagnosis and Therapy for TMJ Disorders, Sergio Sambataro, DMD., Modica, 2014.

Specialization Course in Bioprogressive Orthodontics, Sergio Sambataro, DMD., Catania, 2014/2015.

Specialization Course in Conservative Aesthetics: Preparation of the Veneers in the Anterior Region, Fabio Cosimi, DMD. Modica, 2014.

Specialization Course in Dental photography, Giorgio Perini, DMD. Modica, 2014.

Seminar in Periodontology, Giano Ricci, DMD., Florence Perio Group,.Modica, 2014.

Master's Degree 2nd Level in Endodontics and Conservative Aesthetics, Prof. Simone Grandini, University of Siena, 2014/2015.

Currently resident in an Orthodontics Postgraduate Program, University of Valencia.

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