The main feature of dental prostheses is to restore or replace missing teeth with prosthetic devices (developed by a dental technician who produces them following accurate indications from the dentist).

Prostheses can be classified as:

  • Fixed prostheses, those that rest on natural and / or artificial teeth (see implants and implantology): prosthetic restorations are permanently cemented or screw-retained.
  • Removable prostheses: the prosthetic device is designed to be removed from the oral cavity. It is usually kept in place by hooks or brackets. Some teeth can be replaced by using a partial prosthesis, which can be made out of acrylic materials alone (generally PMMA), or it can be a hybrid combining a part made out of acrylic materials forming a single piece and a metallic support known as a Removable Partial Denture. Removable prostheses can replace the entire dental arch (total prostheses or dentures). All types of prostheses (fixed or removable) must be cleaned carefully every day.

Pitino Dental Centre works with the following types of prostheses:


  • INLAYS: Gold – glass polymer - Ceramic - Zirconia;
  • VENEERS: Composite - Ceramic;
  • CROWNS AND BRIDGES: Cobalt Chrome + Composite - Cobalt Chrome + Glass polymer - Cobalt Chrome + Ceramic.
    • Golden alloy + Composite - Golden alloy + Glass polymer - Golden alloy + Ceramic.
    • Titanium + Composite - Titanium + Glass polymer - Titanium + Ceramic.
    • Zirconia + Ceramic.
    • All Ceramic (Lithium disilicate)


  • Cobalt Chrome Removable Partial Denture with brackets - Cobalt Chrome with hooks.
  • Titanium Removable Partial Denture with brackets - Titanium with hooks.
  • Total Prosthesis.


  • CROWNS AND BRIDGES on implants, cemented and screw-retained: Glass polymer - Ceramic;
  • OVERDENTURE (implant-anchored removable prosthesis): with brackets - with hooks;
  • PROSTHESIS ON IMMEDIATE LOAD IMPLANTS: through computer guided surgery;

Pitino Dental Centre is at the forefront in the world of prosthetic rehabilitation, relying exclusively on excellent manufacturing techniques and materials.

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