Orthodontics studies the relationship between the teeth, the jaws and the temporomandibular joint.

The main purpose of orthodontic treatments is to offer the patients an efficient oral function (breathing, swallowing, phonation, mastication) by ensuring the proper relationship between the teeth, jaws and muscles. Orthodontic treatments also aim at improving the balance of patients’ faces and their smile aesthetics, ensuring long-term stability.

Pitino Dental Centre specializes in lingual orthodontics, that is, using a fixed device bonded to the inner surface of the teeth in order to align the teeth. The lingual device works exactly like a traditional orthodontic appliance, with complete control and movement of the teeth, but its special feature is that it is not visible from the outside. The goals of this treatment vary according to the patient's' individual needs, especially when treating adult patients.

The advantages of lingual orthodontics are:

- predictable results
- extremely flat design and excellent comfort
- it is recommendable for both simple and complex cases

To achieve the correct orthodontic diagnosis it is essential to address every clinical case with a review of several diagnostic tests carried out on the patient:

  • radiologic study: orthopantomography and lateral teleradiography in order to carry out cephalometric tracing, long range growth forecast and visualize treatment objectives
  • analysis of plaster dental cast
  • photographic study
  • Cone Beam CT to identify any facial asymmetry problems or TMJ disorders
  • specific tests to identify the correct respiratory function and the presence of any allergies

Orthodontic therapies can be completed with removable or fixed devices, depending on the clinical case. Each orthodontic treatment must end with a period of "restraint", in which the results are stabilized in order to avoid a relapse.

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