Accessibilità e comfort

Located inside Logistica Medica, in the heart of Modica’s commercial hub (Ragusa, Sicily), Pitino Dental Centre is centrally located and easy to reach. Its facilities include two large parking lots (external and underground) and comfortable hospital bed lifts as required by law, granting easy access to everyone. When patients enter the building, they are welcomed by a modern, air-conditioned lobby with free WiFi access; this creates a relaxing environment that makes patients feel at ease before any dental work.

Pediatric patients

Piccoli pazienti

Everyone knows that children are afraid of any dental procedure. That is the reason why Pitino Dental Centre has included a play area in the waiting room. That way pediatric patients can have some fun and feel more at home. Recent psychological studies consider that, indeed, this simple feature can help children become familiar with the dentist and the dental practice.

In case of anxiety or excessive fears, Pitino Dental Centre is authorized to perform dental surgery under sedation. Patients are monitored by a team of highly skilled anesthetists with the utmost care during any procedure at our operating facilities.

Patients with disabilities

Diversamente Abili

Since Pitino Dental Centre is designed in complete absence of architectural barriers, patients with mobility problems or limited mobility have easy and unimpeded access to our facilities. Although the dental practice is located on the first floor of Logistica Medica, even patients on a stretcher can reach it by taking a functional hospital bed lift.

In addition, patients with disabilities can also be assessed thanks to our operating facilities, authorised by the ASP (Auth. No. 019 on 14/07/2011) to carry out outpatient surgical and dental procedures under conscious sedation and / or general anaesthesia.