About us

Offering high-end dental care, utmost professionalism and total compliance with the highest safety standards, Pitino Dental Centre has been renowned and appreciated for more than 30 years thanks to its high-quality service.

It has been operating since 1983 (the year it was established), first as a dentist's practice, and from 2011 as a broad-spectrum dental center. It has positioned itself among the best in the Sicilian region due to its top quality in the dental field.

As time has gone by, the vast experience of its founder, Dr. Vincenzo Pitino, has combined with the skills and knowledge of a team of professionals in the fields of orthodontics, implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, restorative dentistry and dental aesthetics, endodontics, gnathology and oral hygiene and preventive dentistry. Nowadays there are five doctors who operate at the centre (including Dr. Pitino’s two sons: Marco and Mattia), together with six assistants and two anesthesiologists-resuscitators. In other words, a complete and specialized staff that is ready to guarantee decisive and effective therapies thanks to continual upgrading and the use of cutting-edge materials and technologies.

Located inside Logistica Medica in Modica (Ragusa), Sicily, Pitino Dental Centre offers its patients targeted clinical solutions to cure any specific dental disorder thanks to a multidisciplinary approach and the dynamic synergy of techniques and specializations of the doctors who work there.

The main objective of its operating staff is indeed to bring a smile back on the faces of patientswhether they are children or adults - and to better protect their health and wellbeing, both from a medical and psychological point of view, while planning every procedure and every therapeutic intervention in detail.

Inside the centre, our operating facilities certified by the ASP (Local Health Service Centre) provide for the performance of outpatient surgery in a protected environment, ensuring compliance with all hygiene regulations and rigorous sterilization of the equipment used.

Continuously-upgraded safety, proficiency, technology and hospitality: these features guarantee that Pitino Dental Centre provides its patients with the best medical and dental practice.

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